Are Flip Flops good for walking in?

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2022

Without a doubt, Flip Flops are  the go to footwear of choice during in the summer months especially when away in a hot climate.

Although everyone wears them in summer, either for comfort or to escape the heat, does this mean that we are using them correctly? This week we are going to take a deep dive and establish: 

Are flip flops good for walking in?





Flip-flops are footwear designed to be used, as a prevention, in swimming pools, locker rooms, gyms and public showers, as they help prevent contagion of papillomas and fungi in the feet, very common in humid environments.


Due to their comfort and speed in putting them on and off,  quite often they end up becoming the everyday footwear choice for many for the summer months. As a result we can sometimes wear them while making smallmedium or long walks without realizing the damage we are causing to our feet.


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Elizabeth's Journey to Completing a Half Marathon

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2022

During January of 2022 I decided to set a goal of running a half marathon. Giving myself 6
months of training before the Cork Half Marathon in June. This would allow me to build up my mileage
each week and help with increasing my speed.

Unfortunately I got Covid 19 in March and my training plan took a hit. Using the advice of ‘The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine’ I did not run while I was sick and I waited 3 additional days after my mild symptoms had resolved to return to running. It was a bit of a setback but I was still determined to achieve my goal. 

The week after I had tested positive, I did 50% of my normal training and slowly recovered and increased it gradually week by week. I stayed consistent with my training plan and I could feel myself gaining in fitness and strength as the weeks went by.

As the big day approached I checked the weather forecast to see what the running conditions would be like. It was predicting 18 degrees and sunny, not...

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Itchy Feet

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2022

Do you have itchy, red or scaly feet? Discomfort in between you toes? Is it getting progressively worse?

Here we going to discuss all about athlete’s foot and how to treat and prevent it.


What is Athlete’s Foot?


Athlete’s Foot – also called Tinea pedis – is a fungal infection of the skin that generally starts between your toes but can occur anywhere on the foot. It can also develop alongside fungal nail infections. The term athlete’s foot is a misleading term, as this condition does not only exist among athletes.


How is it caused?


Athlete’s foot is caused by a type of fungus. Damp socks or shoes alongside warm, humid conditions promote its development due to excessive moisture. Tighter shoes cause friction between the toes, which can cause a break in the skin, where fungus enters and spreads.


Athlete’s foot is contagious. It can spread by skin contact with someone with the infection or from...

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Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2022

Plantar Fasciitis – How we treat it?



Today we’re talking about the most common of all foot pain we treat….. you guessed it Plantar Fasciitis. For some of you who have suffered or are suffering from this insidious painful condition, the mere mention of the word will send a shiver down your spine.


In this blog I’m going to give a brief explanation of the condition itself and then describe the protocol of how we successfully treat it at Foot Focus.



Your plantar fascia is like a thick elastic band of fibrous tissue. It begins at your heel and extends along the inside of your foot under the arch.

It then fans out and connects all along the ball of your foot. It is an extremely important structure during walking/running.

Like an elastic band it stretches and tightens throughout the process of your heel meeting the ground, the foot flattening and bending at the 1st toe as you propel to the next step.

The term "itis" is...

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What Is A Biomechanical Assessment

Uncategorized Jun 05, 2022

A Biomechanical Assessment is where a Podiatrist will examine the movement of the joints, bones and muscles and how they are affecting the way you walk, run or your posture.

At Foot Focus we will examine the movement of  your pelvis, legs, knees and feet assessing the relationship between them to establish the root cause a where your pain is coming from.


What Happens During A Biomechanical Assessment? 


During the Biomechanical Assessment your podiatrist will perform a range of different tests depending on the kind of issue/pain you are experiencing. Some of the tests are as follows:

  • Dynamic Movements - You will be asked to perform some movement so that the Podiatrist can see how you move as a whole. Everything is connected so a restriction in movement in one area may cause an increase in workload for another.
  • Joint assessment- checks the range of motion of the joints in the lower limb and feet. There are 33 joints in your foot all working hard to...
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Mindful Barefoot Walking

Uncategorized Jun 03, 2022

With the recent good weather and a large number of people still working from home, walking barefoot around the garden or the house has become a new practice for many.

However, we have been warned many times before to be careful when walking barefoot.

Most people will listen but for some the allure of walking on grass and feeling it massage the bottom of their feet is too much. 

On these occasions we run the risk of stepping on a sharp object like a thorn or piece of glass, ultimately causing us injury.  


I will always remember my Mum warning me of the thorns from the Pyracanthas as I ran around our back garden barefoot as a child!


Unfortunately the risks of barefoot walking are not only confide to the outdoors. On many occasions in the clinic we see that the introduction of a new furry friend to the family can coincide with foot pain for family members.


As many dogs shed, their hair can stick to blankets, couches and rugs. As you walk...

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Heel Pain In Kids

Uncategorized May 27, 2022

Heel pain is something that is surprisingly common yet annoying for kids and teens, especially those who are frequently playing sports.

There are plenty of conditions out there that cause heel pain and we’re all guilty of falling victim to the worst case scenario option that ‘Dr. Google’ presents.


Most commonly, heel pain in kids and teens is caused by ‘Severs Disease’. Believe me, the name makes it sound much scarier than it actually is. ‘Severs Disease’ can produce pain at the back of the heel or just under it.

With Severs, pain is usually worst after activity, e.g. towards the end of or after training sessions. Kids may feel they can’t walk or run properly during a match. They may have bad heel pain for a day or 2 after the match. They can even start limping to compensate for the pain.

This is normally an overuse injury in very active kids. However, it is also related to growth spurts in young teens. Basically, the muscles...

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Footwear Tips

Uncategorized May 19, 2022

 With wedding season upon us I know many of you might be out looking for new formal footwear or maybe tempted to try and "wear in " a dusty pain of shoes you haven't worn properly because of covid. In both case made sure you assess your footwear appropriately before committing to wear wearing them for a long day, It may come back to haunt you. 




Footwear can be very difficult for people to buy but outlined in this blog are some tips of what to look out for when shoe shopping and general foot care when wearing shoes.




 Firstly I will go through what four basic characteristics you should look for in any shoe. From dress shoes to casual every day.  These include
  1. The shoe must bend at the big toe joint and nowhere else.
  2. The sole of the shoe should be higher at the back than at the front - we usually say a ratio of two fingers to one. We call this the pitch of the shoe.
  3. Shoes...
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Feeling Stiff And Sore?

Uncategorized May 14, 2022

The arrival of sunshine and hopefully hot summer days is usually accompanied by a more active lifestyle. Walking to the shops instead of driving or even finally getting around sorting out your overgrown back garden so you can enjoy it in the nice weather. The change in activity can sometimes be a shock to the body and is usually felt the following day in the form of muscle and joint stiffness. Below are the different types of stiffness we can experience through everyday life....

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Those Killer Heels

Uncategorized May 05, 2022

Killer Heels


Unfortunately, as a result of Covid-19, there were very few 
occasions in which people got to wear their beloved high heels. Although this was very disappointing, the one positive thing that people took from it was that their feet were
certainly better off!

It's no great surprise to hear that now that things have opened back up and the heels are getting worn again we are seeing all the foot conditions associated this type of footwear.

As many of you know from experience, high heels can cause a lot of
pain and discomfort in your feet. However, did you know that wearing
them can increase the risk of many different conditions occurring in
the foot. Some of these include:

  • Corns
  • Callus
  • Hammertoes
  • Bunions
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Plantar fasciitis


High heels not only lead to painful, aching feet, but they can also
change the way that you walk. They cause you to take shorter steps and
put extra pressure on the balls of your feet. As well as...

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